Blast From the Not So Distant Past: Moby’s “Be The One” Directed by Oden Roberts

Roberts became a Cannes golden lion winner in 2013 for his music video for Moby, “Be The One”.

After the prize, Roberts penned A FIGHTING SEASON (in select theatres May 25th), winning the largest US writing grant to date from the San Francisco Film Society.

Roberts’ diverse career has awarded him a plethora of achievements in other aspects of filmmaking and producing as well. He’s a 3-time winner of both the Panavision Filmmakers Grant and the Fuji Film Grant for his distinct cinematography.

A noted producer in Adweek for his high-end achievements in live action and visual effects duties on AICP awarded commercial work.

And recently he’s been recognized for his bold efforts in the arena of VR production creating visual arenas for Nat Geo and Coors Light.

Roberts is currently inspired to shoot his next film ONE COWBOY’S STAND, a neo-western on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff in Oregon.