Woolf+Lapin At Byron Bay Film Festival

Woolf+Lapin is in Australia for the celebrations of the tenth edition of the Byron Bay Film Festival.

The selection of films includes notables: Zach’s Ceremony, Down Under, Boys in the Trees and The Bentley Effect.

That’s to say nothing of the VR panels, where ideas on virtual reality were in no short supply. Leaving absolutely no doubt that shaping the vision of our future is something to be done collectively.

Thanks to Festival Director J’aimee Skippon-Volke for a transformative and inspiring event.

Occupied VR & IRIS VR Preview Oculus Touch in Technolust

Developer Blair Renaud has confirmed that there’s more to come with a ‘huge expansion’ set to bring Oculus Touch compatibility to the videogame later this year.

TECHNOLUST screenshot

“TECHNOLUST is a science-fiction adventure that sets the player loose in a neon-soaked dystopian world. Throughout their journey the player will face numerous puzzles and encounter a variety of challenges, though the emphasis is strictly on exploration and mental taxation; TECHNOLUST is not a traditional first-person videogame experience, instead playing to the strengths of modern virtual reality (VR).”

“Oculus Touch is the as-yet-unreleased motion-control system for the Oculus Rift.”

Sur-Vie, la série de Martine D’anjou en tournage avec Pamela Anderson

Martine D’Anjou a travaillé avec Fabienne Larouche pour écrire la série de quatre épisodes.

L’émission est francophone, mais Raquel Rose, le personnage de Pamela Anderson, ne parlera qu’en anglais, avec des sous-titres, ce qui s’allie à la merveille avec le ton tout à fait décalé de la série de Martine D’Anjou.

On peut dire que Fabienne Larouche a fait un bon coup de casting avec Pamela Anderson qui joue l’animatrice d’une téléréalité.

En effet, la série, réalisée par Yves Christian Fournier, a pour prémisse une actrice, Frédérique Boileau (Mariloup Wolfe), qui a tenté sa chance aux États-Unis, et qui est boudée par les producteurs à son retour au Québec. Elle accepte de participer à une téléréalité avec son amoureux (Sébastien Huberdeau).

Luc Picard et Monia Chokri jouent les producteurs, et Anne-Marie Cadieux, l’auteure.
Pour en savoir plus…

John Poliquin is MMVA 2016 Winner For Grand Theft’s QUIT THIS CITY

Congratulations to director John Poliquin for winning best Electronic Dance Music video for Grand Theft’s (feat. Lowell) QUIT THIS CITY at the 2016 Much Music Video Awards.

John shot this across 2 nights in Barcelona with a primarily Spanish cast and crew. “The scenes,” says John, “are a combination of conventional filmmaking and on-the-wall documentary observations. Many of the scenes were filmed in the rowdy nightlife district where the camera had to be concealed for safety. The scenes where the girls are working the corner were photographed on a long lens from across the street.”

The concealed documentary-style shoot led to the actresses being approached by both police and men looking to hire sex workers. Some of the men who approached the actresses were disrespectful and harassing.

“This unfortunately mirrored the malicious spirit of the final man in the film,” says John.

Props also to Director X for his video of the year nod for Drake’s HOTLINE BLING!