BRTHR’s New Film: Gems’ Sinking Stone

BRTHR’s newest outing, Gems’ Sinking Stone, has a distinct dreamlike quality. It’s chock-full of angst, self-discovery and experimentation.

Sinking Stone feels different from their previous work. It’s like a sign of things to come for them. Not only does it show promise for fiction, but it feels like BRTHR found an adept way to bear down on the true essence of the song. There is a definite narrative and cinematic quality to it all. Their signature, eclectic editing is there for all to see, and the film itself showcases true film-making as well as emotional expertise.

BRTHR dubbed it a “fever dream,” and that’s precisely what it feels like.

John Poliquin Joins Woolf + Lapin

Woolf + Lapin is very happy to be pairing up with commercial, film and TV director John Poliquin.

John has been earning accolades from the get go, starting with his first effort, the short film Inside Charlie (2008). And it hasn’t stopped since. Just recently he won best music video of the year for Hedley’s “Anything” at the 2014 Much Music Video Awards.

His versatility is a true hallmark of his work. He can just as well direct slick fashion films as he can gritty, scary horror films. To prove it, he has helmed the very viral and cultish Grave Encounters 2, penned and produced by the Vicious Brothers, the indie duo behind Grave Encounters 1 and Extraterrestrial.

New Director Andrzej Dragan Likes it Very Weird

This is from emerging Polish filmmaker Andrzej Dragan. He started out as a still photographer and has recently tried his hand at very short films such as the one above (see more).

Recently, Andrzej gave a very cool interview to Vice’s Creators Project.

Right now, Andrzej is tackling music videos and is in fact preparing one for the controversial metal band Behemoth.

We are happy to be pairing up with him to help lay the groundwork for his future projects.

True Skin By Stephan Zlotescu

We’re very excited to be working with such a talented director; his much talked about short film is a testament to his talent.

True Skin is set in the not-too-distant future where augmentation is “in”. Our story’s hero, Kay, can’t afford to augment in the U.S., so he heads to the black market of Bangkok where anything goes. While there, he gets a hold of a mysterious chip and suddenly finds himself on the run from various dangerous forces.

“Less than a week after the sci-fi short True Skin had hit the web, Warner Brothers pre-emptively swiped it off the table, picking it up for Harry Potter’s David Heyman to produce.”

Stephan Zlotescu has since started development on two other features, namely with Paramount and Siren. He has also done some music video work for Kanye West, Jack White, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.