Grandson and Son gets Juno Nomination for Lost You by Zeds Dead X Twin Shadow

Congrats to all the other nominees!

Grandson and Son Joins Woolf + Lapin

Woolf + Lapin is quite thrilled to begin the new year with new directing talent, Grandson and Son.

Grandson and Son first honed his skills as an editor, and moved on to direct videos for a variety of artists with our friends at the Field. Grandson and Son has helmed videos for Nelly Furtado, The Darcy’s, Zeds Dead X Twin Shadow and Art Department, to name a few.

Check out the “Hunting” video from the Darcy’s; it is eclectic if not altogether psychotic!

Oh in case you’re wondering Grandson and Son is one person…

Brent Bonacorso, Bukowski and Hyundai

This recent ad by Brent Bonacorso was shot in Istanbul and in the south of Turkey with Magdalena. The night stuff was shot right outside the walls of the Blue Mosque, next to the Hagia Sophia.

“In fact, we were driving around the remains of the Hippodrome of Constantinople, which is now paved, but with 3,500 year-old Egyptian obelisks in the center. So where once chariots raced, I drove in a Hyundai,” says Brent.

The inspirational read is an excerpt from Charles Bukowski’s Factotum.

BRTHR’s New Film: Gems’ Sinking Stone

BRTHR’s newest outing, Gems’ Sinking Stone, has a distinct dreamlike quality. It’s chock-full of angst, self-discovery and experimentation.

Sinking Stone feels different from their previous work. It’s like a sign of things to come for them. Not only does it show promise for fiction, but it feels like BRTHR found an adept way to bear down on the true essence of the song. There is a definite narrative and cinematic quality to it all. Their signature, eclectic editing is there for all to see, and the film itself showcases true film-making as well as emotional expertise.

BRTHR dubbed it a “fever dream,” and that’s precisely what it feels like.