The Watermen Project

Woolf + Lapin is proud to be collaborating on the development of a documentary project with self-professed shark publicist William Winram, a waterman in his own right.

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In 2012, the Watermen Project embarked on an expedition to Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico. Along with the team (Dr. Mauricio Hoyos and Fred Buyle) William placed 11 acoustic tags on Great White Sharks to study their migratory behavior. The goal of these studies is to further understand their long term movements to in turn propose conservation and management plans.

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It is no accident that William, adrenaline junkie par excellence, happens to be the current free-diving world record holder (145m or 50 stories). Clearly, William and his team go where none have gone before.

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William Winram does not need breathing equipment nor a cage to be with sharks.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 9.30.36 AM A breath hold is all they need.