Katy Dore Makes ATX Television Festival/The Black List Selection For the Third Annual Television Writing Program

Woolf+Lapin’s Katy Dore is part of 15 writers whose “scripts will be sent to participating partners for staffing season consideration. They will also move onto the next round of ATX’s pitch competition, in which 10 will have the chance to pitch their shows live at this year’s festival in Austin, Texas.”

“Out of the pitch competition, one winner is paired with a mentor to polish the script and take meetings at various studios and networks to pitch it more formally with the goal of a sale. Past winners of the pitch competition have gone on to receive managers and work in writers’ rooms such as “Life in Pieces.”

Her pilot “The Unsung” (Badass American Heroines You’ve Never Heard Of) was a Blacklist Featured script.

This is not the last we will hear from Katy. Congrats!

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