Featured Script: Nadeem Siddiqui’s SLUT

Nadeem Siddiqui just joined our roster. His script SLUT caught our attention. It is riotously and daringly funny.

The script also got the attention of Martin Katz who included Nadeem in his Screenwriting Fellowship for this year’s TIFF.

The Martin Katz Canadian Independent Screenwriting Fellowship is a program designed to encourage and identify new Canadian talent in the field of independent cinema by awarding one screenwriter with an all-expenses paid trip to the Toronto International Film Festival, an opportunity to meet with Producer Martin Katz (Cosmopolis, Hotel Rwanda) and a participant slot in the Black List’s Toronto Screenwriters Mini-Lab at TIFF.

Woolf+Lapin Signs Emerging Czech Director Robert Hloz

We are very excited to be working with the up and coming, award-winning director Robert Hloz. Robert is Prague-based and this works very well with Woolf+Lapin’s aim on developing talent through its European office.

Everything he has touched has garnered awards and recognition.

Robert is developing his first feature film, Restore Point. It is a futuristic piece set in a post-immigrant Europe.

In 2017, the project was selected for the Hong-Kong Asia Film Forum and Fantasia’s Frontières co-production markets. It also won the Best Project Award at Midpoint Feature Launch in 2016.

Production will be handled by Jan Kallista through Prague’s Film Kolektiv.

Marshmallow Laser Feast’s Colossal Wave at Montreal’s 375th

Congratulations to our friends at Marshmallow Laser Feast and we wish them a colossal success with this new VR experience that launched the 30th of August.

“Virtual Reality is usually a solitary affair, but this time you are invited to collectively experience aural and visual immersion in a public space.

An actual ball dropped from a great height allows goggle wearers to witness an eruption of colorful drawings. Actions in the real and virtual realms merge, freeing the imagination and intriguing passersby. A Colossal Wave is also linked to Montreal’s Phi Centre, where participants are invited to explore a different perspective on the connected virtual world.

“A Colossal Wave is co-commissioned by the British Council, in partnership with the Quartier des spectacles and Hull Uk City of Culture 2017, and additional support from the Great Britain Campaign, Canadian high Commission in the United Kingdom.”

Le Siège, une nouveauté à surveiller pour la rentrée : Réalisateur Jim Donovan

Attraction Images/Phare-Est Média/Julie D’Amours-Léger

Extrait d’un texte de Lisa Marie Noël:

“Le siège, quand la fermeture d’une usine finit en prise d’otages…

La petite ville mono-industrielle de Cole Creek est en état de choc. L’usine de thermoformage ferme ses portes, entraînant la perte de 1000 emplois et la possible disparition de la ville.

Alors que les ouvriers entreprennent une journée de protestation symbolique, une bande d’employés belliqueux profite de la manifestation pour pénétrer dans les bureaux des dirigeants avec un sac rempli d’armes. Ce qui ne devait être qu’une manifestation pacifique se transforme ainsi en une intense prise d’otages.

La série met en vedette Alexandre Goyette, Gilles Renaud et Denise Bouchard.

Le siège est écrit par Pierre Marc Drouin avec le concours de Renée Blanchar (Belle-Baie) et de Johanne Larue comme conseillère. Elle est réalisée par Jim Donovan (Le clan).”

Daniel Radcliff’s Imperium

Woolf+Lapin’s Dan Shea was story consultant on this Radcliff vehicle, whose subject matter is increasingly in the press, sadly.

But the recent spate of resignations from a variety of government consultants and officials is somewhat reassuring, especially this recent one from State Department scientist Daniel Kammen.

His letter goes so far as to contain an acrostic that spells out IMPEACH.

Silence is consent.

We must all speak up against intolerance!