Fantasia Festival Makes Moviemaker Magazine’s Top Festival List

Excerpt from Movie Maker:

“Whenever the lights go down at Fantasia and the ‘meows’ begin, you know you’re in for something terrific,” says a panelist, stressing the Montreal-based genre circuit centerpiece’s infectious communal vibe. “Filmmakers will never feel more at home anywhere else,” adds a panelist, with another praising its “contagious energy.”

“A marathon of macabre moviemaking, Fantasia runs over three weeks, the longest of its kind in duration, and showcases at least 120 features and hundreds of shorts. South Korean gems like Train to Busan are a small taste of what attendees can expect from what one panelist proclaims to be “the absolute best in Asian discoveries.”

“Fantasia is also home of Frontières, an international co-production market and networking platform devoted to genre film financing and co-production between Europe and North America that has become an industry juggernaut.”

Woolf+Lapin is a proud partner of the festival.

Patrick Boivin Réalise un Film 360 pour la SAAQ

Vous ne voulez pas vivre ça. Ralentissez!

Cette campagne de sensibilisation, pour contrer la vitesse au volant, repose sur la réalité virtuelle. Elle vise à démontrer de façon immersive les effets physiques de la vitesse, notamment la distance de freinage et la force de l’impact.

Ce film 360 a été réalisé par Patrick Boivin.

It Stains the Sands Red from the Vicious Brothers

We are excited by this new outing from the Vicious Brothers.

The film serves up a different take on the Zombie apocalypse.

It features a one on one showdown between a woman (Brittany Allen) lost in the Nevada desert tracked by a slow but tireless Zombie… that never ever rests.