Oden Few Roberts’ Military Drama ‘A Fighting Season’

Not bad for a Memorial Day weekend!

ROTTEN TOMATOES reviewer Zaki spitballs with CLAYNE CRAWFORD about his role as RIGGS on LETHAL WEAPON and being the lead on A FIGHTING SEASON.

Also, cast member LEW TEMPLE chats about the film and Co-star CLAYNE CRAWFORD.

In the blog world and print world!

“…plays like a military version of Glengarry Glen Ross.”

“★★★★ Harsh, Eye opening, yet utterly brilliant.”

“A Fighting Season is a powerful look behind the lines of war.”

“it is a dark, disturbing take on the swirling maelstrom of national pride and muddied morality that swept through Oden Roberts’ homeland post-9/11.”

“An unvarnished look at military recruiters” – La-Times

Clayne Crawford