Bachir Bensaddek

Bachir Bensaddek got his start directing and acting in video clips, shorts and dance films. Starting in 2001, he has written and directed documentaries for the screen and TV as well as taken part in theater productions, including of his own play, Montréal la blanche.

In much of his work, exile is a recurring theme. What will his fiction be like? Bachir did in fact direct and write his first feature based on his play Montréal la blanche, which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Bachir also did very well with the documentary film Au pif, which chronicles Véronique Rivest’s rise to 2nd place of the Concours du Meilleur Sommelier du Monde.

He directed a documentary on Arabic rap. The film, Rap arabe, was awarded two prizes at the Festival Vues d’Afrique, namely the ACIC/ONF for best indie production as well as the people’s choice award, Espace Monde MusicAfrica.

Bachir interviewed on TV5 Monde for Montréal la blanche.

Montréal la Blanche was presented at this year’s Rotterdam Festival and the Rendez-Vous du cinéma.