Brent Bonacorso

On top of his eye-catching advertizing, Brent got our wholehearted attention with his very whimsical and off-beat short, West of the Moon. Legendary filmmaker Clint Eastwood called it “the very embodiment of what a short film should be.”

It is packed with awesome visuals that go hand in hand with the fantasy-riddled storyline.

Stands to reason that this very visual storyteller is currently working with the world’s premiere ad agencies.

Woolf + Lapin is also excited to be working with him. His atypical yet mainstream style is very much sought after. Brent is now in development on a feature with Lakeshore Entertainment. The work is based on a graphic novel; he is attached to write and direct. He directed the opening to the Jinx.

Also, Brent directed the feature You Get Me, starring Bella Thorne and Halston Sage, it is in post-production and was done with Awesomeness Films.

More recently, he released the short Narrow World.