Olivier Roberge

Olivier gives more importance to character than spectacle and likes to work closely with the actors. His years of directing TV and web commercials have given him a chance to hone his natural skills at directing actors.

Before making the leap into filmmaking, Olivier obtained a degree in Physics from Laval University, which to his credit gives him a unique perspective and informs his approach to film in a very singular way.

Olivier is now writing several scripts with director Patrick Boivin as well as taking on directing multidisciplinary gigs like Quand la rue Racine nous parle. He has been working on the project Père Noël portable as director.

He has also co-directed (with Patrick Boivin) the first Canadian feature-length film launched on Youtube. More recently the pair has directed the film Bunker.

Even more recently, Olivier has scripted the documentary series “Rêve de Champlain” for Téléquébec.