Patrick Boivin

Considered by some to be the Michel Gondry of the digital age, Patrick Boivin is a self-taught director who got his start working on a show called Phylactèrecola for a Quebec broadcaster. He has directed several shorts that have been on the international festival circuit. He has created stop-motion animation videos, some of which have gotten over 70 million hits. With over 330 million video views, he is wowing everyone on the web with his technical proficiency, but most of all with his very own brand of cheeky pop cultural remixing. Huge names have hired Patrick. Indochine, Tony Hawk, Iggy Pop, LG, Lego, Google, Ford, Nike, Samsung, Marvel and DisneyPixar to name a few.

Along with Olivier Roberge, Patrick has launched the first Canadian feature-length film (Fall, Finally) on Youtube and the pair followed that up with another feature called Bunker, 2014. Patrick is currently working on a number of projects, including short content for Disney/Maker and award-winning Black List film scripts, including Dan Shea’s Shiny Penny, under option with Brightlight Pictures. And another script called Samourai Fracasse to be produced by Julie Gayet, Rouge-International and Maryvonne Le Meur, KCRAFT & Co.