Randall Lobb

Randall has story produced Zaatari, A Day in the Life of the UN; he has written and directed Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan, he wrote the pilot episode of the docudrama series Medics for Tim Wolochatiuk, acted as a story consultant on A Perfect Soldier. He produced, wrote and directed the featurette Inside Storming Juno, and produced, wrote and directed Turtle Power, a feature documentary on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Paramount, along with a number of other film and TV projects.

Randall has also written and directed seven plays for young people and two comedic short story collections: Photogenic Memory and Auslanders: A German Year (coming soon).

He currently has two feature film projects in development (Ontario and Quebec), Two Guys Who Sold the World (Geordie Sabbagh, Christina Piovesan, producers), with director Patrick Boivin attached, and Almost Criminal (Geordie Sabbagh and Michel Shane, producers).

Randall is now hard at work on a new feature screenplay for Disney, with Patrick Boivin as director.