Fantasia and Genre VR Get Write-up In Indiewire

Indiewire’s Chris O’Falt wrote a piece about how genre filmmakers are using VR to create a different type of immersive thrill. He interviewed virtual reality creators from this year’s Fantasia Film Festival who relate how powerful a tool 360 VR can be for action and horror filmmakers.

“Genre fans and filmmakers once again this summer flocked to Montreal for the Fantasia Film Festival, which has established itself as a premiere platform for discovering exciting and out-of-the-box genre films. However, this year’s though festival-goers weren’t only seeing cutting-edge works in packed theaters, but lining up to experience one of the festivals two pop-up VR arcades.”

“It was an eclectic VR selection ranging from animation to horror, and from science fiction to poetic experimental experiences” said Marc Lamothe, the festival’s co-Director. “The response from both the regular public and industry attendees was absolutely overwhelming.”

“Partnering with the Montreal-based talent agency Woolf + Lapin, Fantasia’s Samsung Gear VR Experience brought in 12 360-experiences that showcased the different ways genre filmmakers were using virtual reality.”

Please read the whole Indiewire article here.