Aura, A Luminous Experience in the Heart of Montreal’s Basilica

Moment Factory’s Bruno Ribiero signs this awesome work for Montreal’s 375th festivities.

“As we celebrate the 375th anniversary of our founding, the time is right for Montrealers to rediscover the Notre-Dame Basilica and to highlight it for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to the luminous, musical experience designed by Moment Factory, the Basilica dives right into the 21st century, into the digital multimedia era. Which just goes to show that even a 188-year-old institution can be a part of our smart city,” said Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montréal.

“AURA offers a daring bridge between our heritage and our future. The Montreal 375th celebrations offer the ideal pretext to revisit this architectural symbol. It is an exceptional showcase of our city’s vitality. This unique experience is the work of our local creatives,” added Mr. Gilbert Rozon, Commissioner for Celebrations of Montreal’s 375th anniversary.