Marshmallow Laser Feast’s Colossal Wave at Montreal’s 375th

Congratulations to our friends at Marshmallow Laser Feast and we wish them a colossal success with this new VR experience that launched the 30th of August.

“Virtual Reality is usually a solitary affair, but this time you are invited to collectively experience aural and visual immersion in a public space.

An actual ball dropped from a great height allows goggle wearers to witness an eruption of colorful drawings. Actions in the real and virtual realms merge, freeing the imagination and intriguing passersby. A Colossal Wave is also linked to Montreal’s Phi Centre, where participants are invited to explore a different perspective on the connected virtual world.

“A Colossal Wave is co-commissioned by the British Council, in partnership with the Quartier des spectacles and Hull Uk City of Culture 2017, and additional support from the Great Britain Campaign, Canadian high Commission in the United Kingdom.”